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At Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, the staff and sleep doctors are not only available to provide you with effective snoring and sleep apnea treatments, but we want to help you better understand the contributing factors of sleep loss, sleep apnea disorders and snoring problems. We believe that educating you about specific sleep disorders will only help you arrive at a better outcome. See below for an extensive list of important educational links.

CPAP Corner

Click here to learn more about CPAP care and interface tips from Mark, our CPAP technician.

Sleep Facts

Click here to learn a few things you may not have known about sleep.

Good Sleep Habits

Click here to find methods for maximizing the quality of your sleep.

Patient Testimonials

Click here to hear from our patients about how SMAT restored their quality of life!

Patient Forms

Click here to download our new patient forms.

Home Sleep Testing Patient Instruction Video

Home Sleep Testing Patient Instruction Video

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