Sleep Disorder Treatments

Individualized Evaluation

Patients referred to Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, P.A. each undergo an individual evaluation with a sleep specialist that enables the selection of appropriate diagnostic testing for sleep disorder treatments: From clinical studies to convenient in-home testing. The clinical history, physical examination and diagnostic findings are then synthesized into an effective sleep treatment plan. LEARN MORE HERE »

Our Sleep Disorder Center’s Innovative Programs

The innovative programs such as the individualized screening process, staff expertise and specialized sleep treatment programs increase our success in treating sleep apnea and a range of other sleep problems. Some of the sleep treatment programs available are medication therapy, CPAP and oral appliances.   LEARN MORE HERE »

Sleep Studies

Sleep Medicine Associates has one of the best sleep labs in the country where we conduct personal sleep studies for your individual sleep problems. LEARN MORE HERE »

Clinical Studies

The sleep doctors and research staff test investigational therapies that offer advances and better treatment options for a variety of sleep problems.

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