Clinical Sleep Studies

Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas is widely known for its research into sleep disorder solutions. The physicians at our sleep disorder center have participated in multiple clinical sleep studies for the past 30 years. All of our studies are performed at our sleep study clinic inside our main office in Dallas, TX.

The sleep doctors and research staff at our sleep clinic test investigational therapies that offer advances and better treatment options for a variety of sleep disorders. Our interaction with national and international physicians and pharmaceutical companies have played a role in the development of numerous investigational therapies, which allows us the opportunity to offer a wider range of treatments and sleep testing for our patients.

Our Sleep Clinic Team:

Our dedicated sleep clinic team of experienced professionals work together to conduct clinical sleep studies that respect the study participant. We maintain a fundamental commitment to the highest standards of scientific research and conduct the studies in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Our team includes:

  • Physicians, board certified in sleep medicine
  • Certified clinical research coordinators
  • Registered PSG technologists
  • Specialized support staff

Clinical Sleep Studies:

Clinical trial refers to the study of a drug or medical device to see if it is safe and effective for people to use.

Ongoing Research:

Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, P.A. research division has ongoing clinical sleep studies of insomnia, restless leg syndromeobstructive sleep apneanarcolepsy and other sleep related disorders.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trial refers to the study of a drug or medical device to see if it is safe and effective for people to use. Study volunteers are always given complete information about the clinical sleep study, including possible side effects and benefits. An agreement called an “Informed Consent” outlines the details of the study and must be read and understood prior to study enrollment. The information is not only given to the volunteer in writing, there is always an opportunity to ask questions. The sleep doctor will always tell you what your treatment options are other than participating in the study. Most clinical sleep studies of this nature pay a set amount to the volunteer for their time and travel. A study participant can choose to discontinue a study at any time.

Taking part in a clinical trial may allow a volunteer to try an investigational treatment that potentially may be more effective than currently available therapies. By volunteering you may contribute a better understanding of a particular sleep disorder and how well a treatment works.

Many clinical sleep studies are double blinded, meaning neither the patient nor the doctor know whether the patient is receiving the experimental treatment or a placebo (a substance or device that looks like the tested drug or device, but is inactive).

Standard of Practice

The physicians and staff at Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas adhere to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of clinical sleep studies with your health and well being as a patient being the highest consideration.

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