Dr. Roberts

D. Heath Roberts, D.D.S.

Doctor Roberts is a sleep doctor skilled at diagnosing and treating such sleep disorders as obstructive sleep apnea. Today, he is Director of Oral Appliance Therapeutics for Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas, P.A. He is a licensed dentist and has a private dental practice. Since 1995, his primary interest has been in utilizing oral appliances for non-surgical treatment of patients who suffer from snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Dr. Roberts has had success with a variety of oral appliances and strapless CPAP masks. Oral appliances have proven successful in treating individuals with mild to severe sleep apnea that have had difficulty with previous oral appliances and masks. For those patients who benefit from their CPAP but have problems with their masks he has helped them improve their CPAP experience with a strapless CPAP mask.

Dr. Roberts has been involved in the design and development of several oral appliances. He has consulted for multiple corporations and traveled internationally to train other health professionals in the proper use of oral appliance therapy using such snoring devices as the CPAP. He also manages several research projects in the field of oral appliance therapy for non-surgical treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

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“Because everyone is different and conditions change over time, I feel having a variety of options to treat your sleep breathing issues helps you become a better and more satisfied patient.”