Dr. Rosenthal

Leon D. Rosenthal, M.D.

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Doctor Rosenthal joined Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas in July 2000 where he maintains a full-time clinical practice in sleep medicine. He is also committed to the continued development of the field of sleep medicine through clinical research and education.

Dr. Rosenthal initiated his career studying the neurophysiology of sleep (at the research laboratory of Dr. Rene Drucker-Colin) while attending medical school at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He first came to Dallas in 1983 attracted by the research and clinical work of Dr. Howard Roffwarg’s sleep medicine team at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; there, he completed his residency training with special emphasis in sleep medicine (1983 to 1987). He broadened his clinical experience through a fellowship in sleep medicine (1987-1988) at the Henry Ford Hospital (HFH) in Detroit, Michigan, where he was inspired and mentored by Dr. Thomas Roth.

He spent over 12 years at Henry Ford Hospital. During his tenure there, he spent five years in clinical research. His research studies during that time were centered on “The Nature of Pathological Daytime Sleepiness” which were supported by the Ford Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. He then served six years as the Medical Director of the Sleep Disorders and Research Center where he promoted the development of interdisciplinary clinical services, increased the number of clinical research activities and accredited the sleep medicine fellowship.

Dr. Rosenthal’s contributions to the field include 75 peer-reviewed papers, 17 book chapters, and 122 abstracts. He has published in basic and clinical sleep medicine, and in a variety of disciplines as they relate to sleep medicine such as anthropology, neurology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, psychology and pulmonary medicine. Dr. Rosenthal’s previous activities in the field have included a variety of appointments in the two major sleep organizations. He served as Publications Chair for the Sleep Research Society, was a member of the Health Policy Committee of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and chaired the International Affairs Committee of the AASM. He was a former member of the Education Committee of the AASM and chaired the International Mini-Fellowship program of the AASM. Most recently, he was selected to serve in the program committee organizing the 5th World Congress of the World Association of Sleep Medicine to be held in September 2013.

Sleep medicine is recognized today as a medical sub-specialty and by its own nature encompasses broad areas of clinical medicine. Dr. Rosenthal offers clinical expertise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia and pathologies associated with excessive daytime sleepiness.

“Symptoms of sleepiness are frequently overlooked; if you or a loved one suffers from daytime sleepiness do not ignore it. Excessive sleepiness affects quality of life, decreases performance and productivity, and is dangerous as it is known to be a potential risk factor in motor-vehicle accidents.”