Sleep Studies

You can relax, you’re in good hands.

If you have been scheduled to spend a night, or a series of nights, to undergo sleep studies in our sleep lab, you can relax! Our sleep study center provides a comfortable, safe and private environment where you can count on our staff to be professional and accommodating to your sleep problem needs. You can also be assured that you will see one of our sleep doctors before and after your sleep study.

What is a Sleep Test?

The technical term for sleep study or sleep test is polysomnography. Polysomnography is a series of tests that evaluates the quality and quantity of sleep stages. It consists of continuous recordings of brain waves, eye movements, chin and cheek muscle tension, chest and abdomen breathing effort, leg movements, airflow, snoring and blood oxygen level within the sleep test.

The Sleep Lab

What should I expect from a Sleep Study?

Some patients feel uncomfortable during a sleep study when wired with electrodes and being monitored in a sleep test, but they usually sleep adequately even on the first night. The sleep lab environment is safe and conducive to sleep. It is dark, quiet, and pleasing with a controlled, comfortable temperature. You will have your own private bedroom and bathroom while undergoing your sleep study.

A specially trained technologist will conduct the sleep test evaluation. After you are dressed for your sleep test, the technologist will apply approximately 15 sensors to your scalp and skin. Two belt sensors will be placed around your chest and abdomen to monitor breathing effort. Two small airflow sensors will be placed beneath your nose and a sensor will be placed on your neck to monitor snoring. Once in bed, the technologist will apply an oxygen sensor to your finger to determine your individual sleep problems.

The wires attached to the monitors are plugged into a box that is then plugged into a cable by your headboard. The technologist will monitor your sleep test from another room. If you should need to get out of bed during the night to use the bathroom, our technologist will assist you by disconnecting the cable.

How long will the sleep test last?

An overnight sleep test will last a minimum of 6 hours, ending no later than 7:00 AM. If a daytime nap study is requested, it follows the overnight sleep study and ends approximately 10 hours after you awaken (usually between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM).

Home Sleep Testing

In some sleep tests cases your physician may recommend a recording of certain measures while you sleep at home. In some cases this sleep test will be sufficient to make a diagnosis. In other situations additional sleep tests may be needed to treat your sleep problems. Our staff will provide you with the portable equipment and easy-to-follow instructions for its use.

Did you know?

Results obtained from patients around the country have shown our sleep doctors can achieve a positive difference in your sleep patterns. Approximately 80% of polysomnography, or sleep study patients say they experience better sleep following sleep studies.