About Our Sleep Medicine Practice – Dallas, TX

Sleep Solutions that Get Results

Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas is the most comprehensive sleep disorder clinic in North Texas. Our sleep doctors have over 30 years of experience eliminating sleep disorders such as sleep apnea with innovative snoring solutions and treatment programs.

Our sleep doctors take the time to develop specialized snoring solutions through our in-depth consultations and sleep study center diagnostics. We treat our patients with personalized snoring and sleeping solutions, from prescription medications to sleep apnea treatments. We offer an individualized evaluation, diagnostic sleep disorder testing, and a proven, thorough process that will give you back the life you deserve.

We Believe in Education

Better information means better choices about health care. Because some sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea are likely to be lifelong issues, if they go untreated, problems can develop over time. Continued attention to detail leads to the best long-term outcomes for your sleep.

We are a Medical Practice

Our sleep doctors diagnose your problem thoroughly before offering treatment. Our physicians constantly improve how we do things, and our sleep center maintains an active research department. We want the newest innovations to be available to our patients.

What Sets Us Apart

  • First, largest, and longest-standing accredited sleep disorder clinic in North Texas
  • Five full-time board-certified sleep medicine specialists
  • Treatment of a wide range of issues from insomnia to snoring to sleep apnea
  • Nationally known experts with 30+ years of experience
  • A dedicated staff that’s eager to serve you

What’s the First Step?

Call Sleep Medicine Associates of Texas – we specialize in treating the problem, not just the symptom. Our solutions get results. Take the first step toward a proper diagnosis.